The time has come for me to stop maintaining the 2012/13 blog. I won't be deleting anything on it but you will no longer be able to write posts or leave comments. 

I hope new and old students will visit the new MrToft.ca site coming September 3, 2013.

Happy holidays to every "former" member of my grade 4/5 class of 2012/2013.  I hope you have a great summer vacation.  I hope to spend some of it on the beach!

Report cards were sent home today!

One of the things I like to do with my students at the end the school year is speed stacking.  Today we finished our first tournament.  Maybe we'll do another one next week.

Nothing in our agendas today!

This morning we worked on science. The grade 5s are adding the respiratory system to their paper models of the human body.  The grade 4s are working on a slide show about an endangered animal.

I hope everyone an enjoyable afternoon participating in Berrigan's Play Day.


1.  Review flips, turns and slides at this site.

Go to the Grade Five Live site and watch the lesson called "Flips, Turns and Slides". Complete the activities as you go.

3.  Play RoboPacker.

4. Play  Basketball Geometry.

5.  Play Captain Slackbeard’s Treasure Hunt.

In your agenda:

FUN FACT: Children grow faster in the springtime.

Here's the link to the math cartoon/game we played today:

Golf of Mexico