For our warm-up, we had about 30 seconds to make different letters of the alphabet.  Can you figure out what letters each squad made?
I think our masks are fantastic.  We'll soon be figuring out how to use them for our ancient/medieval plays.

In your agenda:

FUN FACT: The Roman empire had more than 88 000 km of stone paved roads.  They were all connected.

We finished reading/watching Trackers by Patrick Carman.  I have a habit of reading books that are the beginnings of series. I don't usually read the sequel to the class because I want students to read them on their own.  But, in this case, I might make an exception since all seem so keen to find out what happens next!

In your agenda:

FUN FACT: Cats were first pet as pets by the ancient Egyptians!

Check out this 3D origami Michael made on the weekend.  He told me he learned it from a YouTube video. There are over 200 pieces that fit together.  Very Cool!

In your agenda:
  • Tomorrow is Toonie Tuesday. The money collected will support students in Ottawa who need help with some of the basics of, clothing, assistance with field trips, etc.  We are hoping every student at Berrigan will be able to bring in $2.
  • A letter about a March Break camp was sent home today.

Here's what I'd like you to work on today:

1. Thinking Blocks This time I would like you to complete all 5 questions in the "Comparison Model - 1 step".  For extra challenge, you might set the numbers to 1 - 300 (instead of 1 - 50).

2. If you are working on a Portable TV segment (Shout Out, Riddle Me This, Word Up or Teacher vs. Student Challenge) please go to the "Top Secret!" Page and work on your scripts.

Visit Manga High.for some new challenges. for the newest challenges!

Our plays about ancient Greece and King Arthur are starting to take shape.  I look forward to recording them!

Operations is a handy website to help you practice the algorithms for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. I like how the base ten blocks help you to visualize what is going on.

In your agenda:

We didn't write in our agendas today.

We got a lot of work done on our plays today.  I appreciate how everyone was open to trying out something new when we collaborated on the plays using Google Docs.  I know it is a strange experience to have three or four people typing on a document all at the same time!

In your agenda:
  • One more day for book orders! Have them in for tomorrow
  •  A letter was sent home with details about Berrigan's Movie Night this Friday.

Click below to print out your own isometric dot paper:
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File Type: pdf
Download File

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks to everyone who brought in cards, chocolate and candies.  It was very thoughtful of you all!

This are the sites we used for drawing isometric shapes today:
I'm certain you'll notice examples of isometric drawing in many of the video games you play!

In your agenda:
  • Tomorrow is a PD Day
  • Monday is a holiday (Family Day)
  • Book Orders are due Tuesday

This morning we continued working with the legend/myth "The Four Dragons" from Ancient China.  I think we are very familiar with the story now that we have 1) read it, 2) watched it and 3) listened to a podcast version of it.  Everyone should be at last way through turning the story into a script.

In math we are continuing our review of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).  We are also continuing to work with the strategy of making models when solving word problems.

In your agenda:

  • Tomorrow is our last ski day.
  • Book orders are due Tuesday.
  • Friday is a PD Day.

Extra Practice:
  • If you can, visit Manga High and try to meet the challenges I posted there. Remember, you'll need your username/password that you glued in your agenda to play!
  • If you can, practice more addition/subtraction questions at Thinking Blocks.