This must have been our most physically active day yet! I can't wait to see how many steps we logged today.  With the morning spent participating in the Terry Fox Run/Walk and the last period of the day videotaping an obstacle course challenge, I'm sure we'll have some pretty large numbers!

We also squeezed in French class, some writing and started a new art project.  This one is about foreshortening.  Notice how Gisele's hands and feet appear to be much larger than they really are.  This is because they are closer to the camera. 
In your agenda:
  • Record lots of steps this weekend.  We are so close to catching up and passing two other Berrigan classes!
  • Next Friday (October 5) is a P.D. Day!

In your agenda:

  • The Terry Fox Run/Walk is tomorrow.  Dress to run!  You might bring a water bottle, hat and remember to wear your pedometer!
  • Meet the (Creature) Teacher is tonight: 4:30 – 6:00.  Students are welcome to come along and show off our classroom.  Don't forget to say hello to Mr. Toft!

We get all sorts of animals in our backyard including squirrels, rabbits, and skunks.  Last year, my family saw a pair of racoons in the backyard.  We saw one on our deck and watched it climb up a tree.  And then this second one appeared and posed for this picture.  Do you have any wild animal stories of your own to share? 
In your agenda:

FUN FACT:  People's noses and ears never stop growing!

Meet the Teacher is tomorrow: 4:30 - 6:00
Student Verification forms are due Friday

Pedometer by Michael
Keep wearing your pedometer.  Our class is doing really well!

  • Toonies for Terry Fox
  • Student Verification forms are due Friday
  • Meet the Teacher: Thursday from 4:30 - 6:00
  • Terry Fox run is Friday morning

In your agenda:
  • Student Registration Verification forms were sent home today: Please return them by Friday.
  • Our school is asking each student donate $2 for the Terry Fox Foundation
  • The Terry Fox run will take place this Friday morning.

Can anyone guess what this gadget is for? Leave a comment below!

Here's what I want you to get done in the computer lab today:

1.  Enter your steps.  Go to our "Hand In" page, type in our password, and enter your Friday, Saturday and Sunday steps.  Make sure you put your numbers in the right place!

2.  Go to your KidBlog blog and login in.  Add your avatar from the MrToft.ca page and write a couple sentences explaining what it is and why it represents you.

3.  Visit other students' blogs and leave them a comment.  Remember our blogging rules so far:
  • Must spell correctly:  I, you, your, yeah, a lot, your name
  • DON'T SHOUT! Don't write only in capital letters.
  • Maximum 3 exclamation marks!!!
  • Always start sentences with a capital letter. 
  • Always finish a sentence with . ! or ?

This list is going to grow!

Another rainy day.  Some of my students spent their second indoor recess creating this castle.  Very cool!

In your agenda:
  • A letter about the Terry Fox Walk was sent home today. It's being held on Friday, September 28. Our school hopes to raise money and we encourage students to bring in a toonie.
  • Meet the Teacher is on Thursday, September 27 from 4:30 to 6 pm. 
  • EQAO results were sent home with the Grade 4s.
  • Remember to record your Friday, Saturday and Sunday steps, if possible.  I understand that not everyone will be able to do this on the weekend. It is you and your family's decision how much you are able to participate!  Remember to have your agenda and booklet on Monday to enter the steps in the spreadsheet.

Photo by Loren
Hello to the students in Stephen's class at Russell Street School.  We've created this audio greeting for you to listen to. You'll learn a little bit about us, some facts about where we live, and questions we have for you.

Detail of Trent's comic (in progress).
In your agenda:
  • Milk orders were sent home today.  They are due September 26.
  • Write down your steps for the day tonight.  Reset your pedometer to zero tomorrow morning!

Today we continued work on our recount writing. We added more details to the outline we started yesterday. I hope to share the finished writing on our blog.

In your agenda:
  • Remember to write down your total steps for the day. Put it in your booklet or write it in your agenda.
  • Reset your pedometer to zero tomorrow morning before you put it on.