Language Arts:

We've been working on descriptive writing.  We've read a variety of texts that are good, and not so good, examples of descriptions.

This week the students were asked to draw a picture of a monster/alien/creature.  Then they were asked to write detailed descriptions of their drawing.  These written descriptions need to be written well enough for someone else to recreate the same picture using only the written description to guide them.  We'll be sharing our written descriptions with a class in Michigan. We're looking forward to seeing their interpretations of our creatures.  We'll also being drawing pictures based on the written descriptions the students in Michigan made.

In the weeks to come we will continue our work on descriptive writing, instructional writing (i.e. writing instructions), parts of speech and spelling.  Some of the reading we do in class will draw from the content we are studying in Social Studies.

Be sure to visit your child's blog.  It contains examples of their writing and art projects.  It would be great if you could leave them a comment.


We've finished up our unit on measurement and graphing data that involves time. We have just started our next unit on 2 and 3-D geometry.  Check out the links under Geometry in the Math section of our site for further practice.


We are almost finished our work on Rocks and Minerals (Grade 4) and Conservation of Energy (Grade 5) and will be launching into our next unit in January (Pulleys and Gears: Grade 4, Forces: Grade 5).  Visit the Science page of this site for links and activities connected to the topics we will be covering this year.

Social Studies

We will be continuing are work on Canada's Provinces,Territories & Regions (Grade 4) and Canadian Government (Grade 5) in the weeks to come through a variety of readings and research gathering activities. Visit the Social Studies page of this site for links and activities connected to these topics.


I'm sure many of you are aware that music has started.  I've challenged students to try and achieve at least five "recorder karate" belts before the holidays begin.  The students should have all the songs and fingering charts they need. It is up to each student to decide which level they should begin.  

I created a website called which provides many audio and visual resources to help the students learn the songs.
Wow! The last day of November.  Time is sure whipping by, for me at least!

In your agenda:
  • Your monster and descriptive writing about your monster are due Monday.
  • If possible: please type your descriptive writing on your blog. This will give you time to do other things in the computer lab on Monday.
  • Pizza forms are due Tuesday, December 4th.  Please remember that this an absolute deadline, orders will not be accepted after this day!
  • A letter about the Berrigan Snowsuit Drive was sent home today.


Click here to see the music for Get Ready for This
Click here to hear the music for Get Ready for This

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I'm sorry I was not able to come in the last two days.  A nasty cold bug knocked me off my feet and forced me to rest a little.  I'm happy to report that I am starting to feel better and will be back tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing everything you accomplished with your two guest teachers.  I'm especially looking forward to reading your monster descriptions before we send them to Mr. Alvaro's class in Michigan, USA!

We have started work on creating an original monster/robot/alien/creature. What's going to be challenging is writing a description of it that is detailed enough for someone else to draw it, without seeing the picture!

In your agenda:

  • Eric Wilson, author, will be talking to the 5s and 6s, and our our class, this Thursday.
  • Remember to bring your recorder this Friday.

Art by Gisele
Today we had a chance to work with an online art program called Sumo Paint.  It can help you make some pretty amazing works of art.

In your agenda:
A letter about snow day procedures was sent home today.

In your agenda:

We didn't actually write in our agenda today but if we did ...

Fun Fact: The Bugatti Veyron is currently the fastest car in the world.  Its top speed was about 427 kilometers an hour!  You'll need to start saving now if you want to buy one.  It costs 2.5 million dollars!

It was a very "science-y" day today wasn't it?  The grade 4s worked on identifying the rocks they collected on the playground.  They examined each rock sample's appearance, lustre (shiny or dull), streak and hardness.  There are definitely a range of rocks and minerals near our school.

The grade 5s have been working on their "house of the future".  The students are designing a house to have as many energy saving features as possible.  I look forward to seeing the finished results.

In your agenda:
  • Music tomorrow.  Bring your recorder!

I will be handing out six recorder karate belts tomorrow. Congratulations to our first brave volunteers for playing their tests today.  I hope to give out more belts in the days to come!

In your agenda:
  • Bring your recorder for music class this Friday.  Some of you will need it tomorrow as well because you signed up for a test. 

Young poets and authors - On your mark! Get set! Write!

The Ottawa Public Library invites you to participate in the 18th annual Awesome Authors Youth Writing Contest, a contest for aspiring young poets and short story authors. Submissions will be accepted until February 11, 2013

Please visit for more information.

In your agenda:
Bring your recorder on Friday.

(We will start recording testing tomorrow.  Students sign up for a day to play their song for me. It will be a very quick test; just play the song, identify a few notes and rhythms.)

Here are the sites we visited for math today: