Episode 7 of Portable TV is now on the air!  Click here to see our second episode of the season.  

Oh, and make sure you keep watching after the credits. :)

I wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday season!

I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2013!

Be sure to check the news reports tomorrow morning to see if the buses are running. There might be a lot of snow tonight and tomorrow!

In your agenda:
  • pajama day is tomorrow
  • remember to bring your recorder

Click here to find the "Choose Your Own Adventure" style story we read in class today.  I think there is still one or two stories we didn't discover.

In your agenda:

  • Friday: Bring your recorder, pajama day
How many triangles do you see?
Another busy day in grade 4/5.  This morning, after spelling, we started work on writing in the second person.  We are developing "Choose Your Own Adventure" style stories.  There are many exciting stories being created that I look forward to sharing on our blog.  In the afternoon, Mrs. Kotylak taught health and Mme Hoffman taught French.  We finished the day off reading a little bit more of Savvy, by Ingrid Law, filming our latest "Teacher vs. Student Challenge", and, building triangles.

In your agenda:
  • a letter from the school board was sent home today
  • pajama day on Friday! 
  • bring your recorder on Friday

Two Mondays in a row of cancelled school buses! It's really quite amazing how much impact a little drizzle can have when the temperature is just right. I hope the road conditions improve tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who did come in for a day of school. We had a chance to work on Social Studies in the computer lab today.  The 5s are working on the three levels of government while the 4s are researching a province.  Our art projects are turning out really well.  We'll continue to work on angles, triangles and 3d geometry over the next few days for math.

Nothing in our agenda today!

In your agenda:

  • Subway forms are due Thursday
  • Milk forms are due Friday
  • School is closed tomorrow

Here's the site we used this week to practice estimating angles:

Banana Hunt

Click here to  see the instructions we followed for art today.  I hope a few students will have time to finish work on it at home.

In your agenda:
  • Math tests were sent home today, they do not need to be signed or returned
  • Photo orders were sent home today
  • Class photos were sent home today
In your agenda:
  • Remember to bring your recorder tomorrow.
  • Book orders are due tomorrow.
We were looking at Mr. Alvaro's class website today and saw that he challenged his students to memorize a song that listed all 50 states.  It looks like the first student to rise to the challenge got a chocolate bar.  They must have nice teachers in the USA!

Since we are a class that loves a challenge, we decided to try something similar.  The grade 4 students are challenged to sing "Provinces (and Territories)".  The grade 4 students are challenged to sing "Who Does What?".  I'll allow groups of up to three.  Whoever is ready this Friday will perform in front of the class and be videotaped.  If there is more than one group, we'll here them all and I'll decide the champions!

NOTE: This is optional.  You  do not have to do this!

Click here for a copy of the lyrics for "Who Does What"
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