Hello Mr Toft and class

We are a grade 4/5 class from Victoria Australia! Our blog address is http://upps45p.global2.vic.edu.au/ 
Please stop by and visit us! 
Your 7 Circles Art really caught our eye! We like the patterns and the colours. We are going to try this soon!
We know that Canada is a very long way away from us, some of us have been to Canada! We are wondering how cold it is at this time of the year?

See you!
From 4/5P

Mr. Alvaro's students tried our challenge!  It looks like they did pretty well.  It would be great if a few of our students could leave a comment on their blog:

Two classes in two cities in New Zealand worked together to create an obstacle challenge.  You can see videos of how they did at:
The Ins and Outs
7 Wonders 2012

We, here in Ottawa, Canada, decided to try the challenge.  The idea was to get as many kids as possible through the obstacle course in fifteen minutes.  I think we did pretty well!  Here's are some video highlights:
Photo by Loren
Hello to the students in Stephen's class at Russell Street School.  We've created this audio greeting for you to listen to. You'll learn a little bit about us, some facts about where we live, and questions we have for you.