Today I would like you to visit the following class blogs:

This is a 4/5 class in Saskatoon, Saskatachewan:

And this is a class from Missouri, USA.  A few of their students have already left comments for us. Let's return the favour!


Remember to login to your own blog first.  This way the your avatar should appear.

Please leave at least one comment at each site for a student of your choice.  Please only use your first name and don't give out your email address.  Use a@b.ca if an email is required:

1. Introduce yourself and say where you are from.

i.e.  Hi, this is Nathan from Ottawa.

2. Say something positive about what they wrote, 

Thanks for sharing your acrostic poem.  I liked how you handled the 'X' in your name.

3.  Ask a question or add additional information that is on the topic.

Did you write this for fun, or was it something your teacher asked you to do.  We worked on poetry in class last week.

4.  Leave information on how to find your blog.

If you have time, please visit my blog.  Find it by going to MrToft.ca, click on the "Our Blogs" tab, and then my name.

When you are done, you may play games installed on the computer or visit links on our MrToft.ca site.


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