Our class saw snowflakes in the air today!
This was a pretty active day, I think.  We continued working on our tall tales.  We watched an episode of Portable TV and Street Talk to get a better idea of how this season's show is going to look.  I think episode 6 is going to be a best one yet.  Of course, you'll have to wait another 3 or 4 weeks to find out!

I was impressed how the class worked together to build a tower out of plastic boxes this afternoon.  Who would have thought that a 29 centimeter stack of boxes could be turned into a tower almost 2.5 meters tall?
In your agenda:
  • Homework #2 is due on Tuesday
  • We will be having outdoor gym on Monday.  Be prepared! Avoid flip flops and rubber boots.
  • Optional:  Visit the student blogs and leave comments!


10/16/2012 7:29pm

Amazing,how did they get so close

10/19/2012 4:48pm

you did it again this year mr toft you beat us in grade 5 this challenge was different you had to see how whent to a 100 fastest good job


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