I think that I am going to sleep for the entire weekend! I had, almost, forgotten what it is like to be back putting in a full day at school.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished this first week:
  • We made avatars.  Many of them have already been added to this blog
  • We started work on place value in math
  • We have played some cooperative games in phys ed
  • We did an art assignment involving our names.  Many of them have been added to our blog.
  • We recorded a video message for ourselves on the last day of school (this won't be shared online)
  • Mme Hoffman has all of you speaking French
  • and lots more!

In your agenda:

  • (Tiny homework!) Write, either on a sheet of paper or as a comment on this blog, two things you liked doing in class this week and on thing you hope to do next week.  Write at least three sentences.
  • book orders are due next Tuesday 
  • there are still a few students who need to bring in avatars, art and forms


09/07/2012 4:14pm

The two things I liked doing this week was D.P.A and doing the avatars . D.P.A because liked playing the game bacon . i liked doing the avatars because Mr.Toft said we could make anything but no bad stuff so we listend and made very good avatars everyones was great ! Next week i would like to do computers.

09/07/2012 6:37pm

My 2 favourite things were phys. ed. and art because we all had fun in gym playing blob tag and stuff. I really liked making my name look fancy in art class. The thing I hope to do next week is computer lab because last year computer lab was a blast!

09/07/2012 7:10pm

What I liked this week was Phys Ed. and math. What I want to do next week is Dodge ball in Phys Ed.

09/08/2012 11:58am

My favorite 2 things todo was gym and math.What I want to do next week is outdoor gym

09/08/2012 3:18pm

What I liked this week Is when we played the math games on the computer and when we did art. What I would like to do next week is have gym outside, and play soccer,or basketball.

09/09/2012 3:44pm

The first thing I liked was when we drew our avatar.Because I got enough time to finish,and at the end I drew a beautiful avatar.since I love art,I had a great time.the second thing I liked was link tag.Because it was easier to get away,and when people gain it gets harder and fun.The game that I want to play is army ball.

09/09/2012 6:13pm

The two things that I liked best about the first week of school are, our art projects and fling the teacher. I liked the art projects because I thought they were really cool. I hope could do some more art this week.

09/09/2012 9:35pm

What I really like in class are these 2 things, gym and art. The thing I like about gym is, it's really fun and active. The thing I like about art is,it's a way for me to express my feelings and it's what I'm best at.what I'm looking forward to is learning to use our blog!

09/10/2012 6:40am

Hi I like going to the gym when we did the boat game. The second thing I like was physical activity of getting the ball game.
Next week I hope to do computer lab & library.

09/10/2012 9:28am

me to Ammar I am hoping we do library next time.


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