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Hello to the students in Stephen's class at Russell Street School.  We've created this audio greeting for you to listen to. You'll learn a little bit about us, some facts about where we live, and questions we have for you.


09/21/2012 5:12pm

It was so much fun recording the leter to the people in New Zeland thanks Mr.Toft :)

09/21/2012 5:51pm

Mr Toft, I love the "Message for New Zealand", but my name is spelled Loren! :-)

Nathan Toft
09/21/2012 8:20pm

Darn! I hope I had fixed it before you noticed. It's fixed now!

09/21/2012 9:15pm

I liked talking too New Zealand a lot !!!

09/21/2012 9:26pm

Yes recording was so fun my voice sounds funny!

09/22/2012 2:36am

Awesome message Mr Toft's class! I will show it to my class on Monday and then we will try and answer your questions.

We love collaborating with Mr Toft's class and look forward to interacting with you throughout the year.

Good luck on the Global Children's Challenge. My class are very active and will be hard to beat!

09/24/2012 9:34am

Were gonna be walking in the Terry Fox walk! Maybe we'll beat in that!

Georgia O
10/18/2012 7:25pm

New Zealand looks green because we have so many trees. We are a big school. We speak Maori and English. We have 14 class rooms. It can be very cold but it can be very warm. Yes it is nice in New Zealand. We like singing at school. We call are teacher Stephen. We have a lot of trees. Bye Bye.

10/18/2012 7:34pm

Hi my name is Georgia I go to Russell street school. My teacher name is Stephen.
My favourite food is Ice cream, Fish and Chips and fruit.

10/18/2012 7:36pm

Hi, my name is Emma from room3 Russell street school.
We have 14 class's.
We have a big school.
We also speak mori.
New Zealand is warm.
We do call our teacher by his first name.
I love school and don't like Jim.
Our school starts at 5 to nine and ends at 3.
My favourite food is pasta.
My favourite drink is water
My favourite subject is maths and art.
Bye see you soon!

10/18/2012 7:37pm

Hi my name is Grace and I and from R3. We have a big school and 49 classes.

My favourite food is icecream burgers lollies. I hope you look after the snail and the whale and make them have a fun time.

10/18/2012 7:38pm

Hi my name is Lili and I will answer 1 question per group. Our school is big is that new Zealand is sunny. Palmerston north is a nice city. my favourite holiday is Christmas. We call our teacher by his first name Stephen. New Zealand is very nice. My favourite subject is animals to. I think 12,456. We have about 300 kids. this is as much as I am going to answer.

10/18/2012 7:44pm

Hi its cam from 3d. Are school is huge.

10/18/2012 7:49pm

Hi my name is mitchell from Russell ST school New Zealand.
Our school is big and we have 14 classes.
We speak maori and english.
We call our teacher be it fist name.

10/18/2012 7:57pm

Hi Mr Tofts class. What dose NZ look like? well it look's very green. Is your school big or small? well RSS is a really big school. How much classes dose your school have? RSS has 14 classes. Do you speak another language? Yes RSS speak's maori. How is it in NZ? It is really nice in NZ. Is it cold in NZ? Only in the morning's it is cold. What do you do at your school? RSS like's to do lot's of sports. What's you favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is Christmas. Do you call your teacher by there first name? Yes RSS dose. Do you have lots of tree's in NZ? only in Auckland we have LOTS AND LOTS of tree's. How is your life style? It is really good. Is NZ a clean place? Yes it is. How much kid's do you have in your school? RSS has 300 kid's. Do you have recess? Yes we do but we call it brunch and lunch. Why is NZ called New Zealand? I don't really know why. I have to go now Bye.
By GraceC in 3D in NZ

10/19/2012 9:15am

Thanks for answering our questions. I hope my students answer your questions here soon. I also hope they decide to visit your blogs and leave comments there!


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