Today we had our first session in the computer lab, our first drama period and our first visit to the library.  In Language Arts we expanded our ideas in our biography of an everyday object.  In Math we continued to look at place value.  Bagels, Pico and Fermi is proving to be another popular game in math.

In your agenda:
  • A package of forms to be signed were sent home.  Please do your best to get them filled out and returned by the end of the week.
  • Book orders are due tomorrow.


09/10/2012 8:00pm

I remember that,sameer or jarod would fight over who gets to corect the date!

09/11/2012 7:08am

I enjoyed computer lab. It was fun

Mr. Toft
09/12/2012 9:07pm

@Rhys It's funny how little objects, like this date sign, can trigger memories, isn't it. I hope things are off to a great start for you in Grade 6!

@Kassey I'm glad you enjoyed the computer lab. We were lucky to get some extra time in there!

09/13/2012 8:47pm

Hello Mr. Toft! WOW! The site has changed a lot then how I saw it before! I wish you an amazing year in Berrigan!

Mr. Toft
09/13/2012 9:32pm

Hi Abby,

Great to hear from you. I'm looking forward to another great year at Berrigan. I hope things are off to a good start for you in Grade 7!

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