Michael's hamster.
Thanks, Michael, for sharing pictures of your hamster.  Feel free to visit Michael's blog and learn more about his pet.  You might even ask him a question or two.

Here's the site we looked at in Math today:
Exactly... How Old Are You?

In your agenda:
  • Haunted Library for this Wednesday. We are asking for a donation of $1 for UNICEF.
  • Wednesday: If you want to wear a costume to school on Halloween Wednesday, you may. But, you don't have to!  
Please, don't wear masks or bring large accessories (axes, swords, clubs, etc.).  If your costume involves makeup, put it on at home before coming to school.  Keep in mind, it will be a regular school day complete with writing, reading, math, French, and Phys Ed!  There will be a small celebration last period. I will bring a snack and drink for the class.


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