In your agenda:

FUN FACT: Cats spend 70% of their lives asleep.

In your agenda:

  • A letter about the Extended Day Program was sent home today.
  • Pizza ends this Thursday, June 13.  The last week for Subway and Mommie's Yummies is June 17. There are no food or milk programs the week of June 24th.

PictureToo bad it was a rainy day!
Our last few weeks at school are shaping up to be busy ones.  The grade 5s are learning about systems of the human body by building a paper model.  The skeletal system is now complete.  The grade 4s are learning about habitats and communities and will be starting a project on an endangered animal soon. We are also reading and watching the Second Voyage of the Mimi for Language Arts, area and perimeter for Math.  Add Dance, French and Health and you can see there are still many things to do! 

In your agenda

Nothing! But...some work was sent home today. It does not need to be returned.

1. Watch the video about Adaptation.

2. Complete the quiz.  Complete your worksheet.
In your agenda:

There will be a book sale this Thursday, June 13.  The school barbecue is also on that day.

Mrs. Kotylak sent home a letter today regarding her health unit on Healthy Living/Growth and Development.

1. Watch the video about Adaptation.

2. Complete the quiz.  Complete your worksheet.
Here is what I'd like you to work on today:

Area and Perimeter practice

Complete all three levels for both area and perimeter. Record your answers on the sheet I gave to you!

In your agenda:

Tomorrow is a PD day. No school for students.
The Berrigan BBQ is June 13: 5 - 8 pm

If at all possible, students without glue sticks are asked bring one in. While I do have a few to share, it will make completing our grade 5 human body project much easier!

1.  Read the following:
Parts of the Food Chain

2.  Fill in your worksheet.

3.  Play the following game:
Food Chain Game

Drag the items into the appropriate box to build different food chains.

4. Play the following game:
Producers Consumers and Decomposers

You will need to use the following websites to gather information and play a game to quiz yourself.  Record your information on your student sheet.  Make sure both you and your partner have the same information.