This morning we continued working with the legend/myth "The Four Dragons" from Ancient China.  I think we are very familiar with the story now that we have 1) read it, 2) watched it and 3) listened to a podcast version of it.  Everyone should be at last way through turning the story into a script.

In math we are continuing our review of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).  We are also continuing to work with the strategy of making models when solving word problems.

In your agenda:

  • Tomorrow is our last ski day.
  • Book orders are due Tuesday.
  • Friday is a PD Day.

Extra Practice:
  • If you can, visit Manga High and try to meet the challenges I posted there. Remember, you'll need your username/password that you glued in your agenda to play!
  • If you can, practice more addition/subtraction questions at Thinking Blocks.


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