There wasn't anything that needed writing in our agendas today so we wrote down four mulitplication facts.  Memorize them!

8 X 7 = 56
9 X 6 = 54
9 X 7 = 63
6 X 7 = 42


01/10/2013 8:24pm

Hello Mr Toft. I remember being in your class in grade 5. Mr Toft was one of the best teachers I ever had. Now i am in grade 8 and am going to high school soon. hope you all have a wonderful time in Mr Toft's class just as i did because he is great.

Dylan Alsford

Mr. Toft
01/11/2013 1:44pm

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your kind words Dylan! It's great to hear from you. I know you will do exceptionally well in high school.

All the best!


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