Our class is participating in an event called the Global Children's Challenge. Each students has been given a pedometer to wear for the next fifty days.  We’ll record our steps every day and enter the class average in a website that will compare our class with other classes in the world.  The more steps we complete, the further we will advance on a virtual tour around the world. Students are encouraged to wear their pedometers all day, including weekends and holidays, if it makes sense to do so! If you want to find out more, visit the Global Children's Challenge website by clicking here. 

In Language Arts, we have started looking at "recount" writing.  We'll be writing a series of pieces about true events in our lives.  In Math, we continue to look at place value.  Here are some of the sites we looked at today:

MegaPenny Project 
Place Value Pirates - no decimals
Say Really Big Numbers  

In your agenda:
  • Remember to wear your pedometer tomorrow.  Remember to reset it to zero before you leave your house.  You'll record the total steps for the day in your booklet before you go to bed.
  • Order forms for Subway lunches were sent home today.  They are due September 27
  • Mrs. Kotylak, your health teacher, has given you a food diary to complete.  Have it ready for next Tuesday.


09/19/2012 3:55pm

i got on my padomater 20 910

09/19/2012 9:01pm

mine is at 10 980


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