Thumbs Up for a Great First Day!

For me, the first day of school is kind of like jumping out of a plane.  (At least, I would imagine it is, I've never done it!)  The change from vacation mode to school mode is an abrupt one!

What a fantastic start to the year!  I was very pleased with how quickly everyone settled in and I look forward to working with all of you this year.

This section of the blog is where I do my best to put whatever you should have written in your agenda.  That way, if, for some strange reason, you left your agenda at school, or, even stranger, you “forgot” to write in your agenda, you (and maybe even your parents) can find out by visiting here.

In your agenda:


Student 15
09/04/2012 2:24pm

When it's a holiday, you're sometimes bored, but when you come back to school you're with your friends and you never get bored.

student 10
09/04/2012 6:03pm

Ya i agree but i have friends in girl guides and i have an older sister so i never am bored but when i get to school i hug all of my friends still because i do miss them.

Student 21
09/04/2012 7:37pm

XD I'm at home typing this but my brother is tickling me really really hard!!!! LOL He's now checking my spelling a grammer! He think's this website is somewhat weird but he's probley just jelo melo!!!!!!!!
Student 21

09/06/2012 8:18pm

Hahah jelo melo I like that saying hahaha


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