Another busy day in grade 4/5.  This morning we continued our analysis of Greek and Medieval legends.  We worked with the King Midas story and added our own original dialogue.  This is in preparation for writing plays next week.

In gym we continued to work on our volleyball skills.  We completed the day testing our straw bridges.  We did a wind test and a strength test.  I was impressed with the wide range of designs.  It was interesting to see the wide range of results the various bridges got.  Some bridges collapsed at a force of 3 Newtons while others collapsed at over 10 Newtons.  I look forward to seeing the video.

In your agenda:
  • Report cards were sent home today.  Please return the tear offs on pages 3 and 4 by Monday, February 11.
  • Ski Day tomorrow: Check the weather and dress accordingly!
  • Next Friday, February 15 is a PD Day.


02/07/2013 8:11pm

Hi,it's Gisele,I'm really surprised to that we were going to wright plays,no one told me that! And next week too! Wow next time please warn me in person! Bye.


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