Another excellent day!  I was very impressed how seriously every student took our first assignment in creating avatars.  They will be added to this blog very soon.  I was also impressed how everyone worked together in “raft hopping” and “blob tag” in phys. ed. today.

Click here for the "Numbers are Everywhere" activity we did in math today.  
Click here for the number comparing activity we did in math today. 
Fling the Teacher:  This seemed to be the most popular activity!

In your agenda:
  • some students need to finish their avatars
  • book orders are due next Tuesday
  • get the various forms mentioned yesterday signed 


09/05/2012 5:52pm

Thanks Mr Toft

09/05/2012 6:37pm

Yes thanks Mr.Toft i had alot of fun in phys.ed.


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